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Robert Evans

Heads - Heat & Infuse

Our copper pot still Isobel uses electricity to produce gin, she is initially filled with base grain spirit, water and the Tails from the previous batch. The selected botanicals are chosen, measured and placed into the copper pot and gradually bought to the boil. As the temperature rises different flavours are released and the first running of distillate are known as the Heads. These we discard as they contain undesirable flavours and chemicals. Thereafter, we collect the Hearts.

Each batch of Chatsworth Gin creates a small batch of 96 bottles. Every bottle is hand signed by Robert Evans.


The Hearts contain the most flavoursome and desirable elements of the distillate. Careful tasting throughout the process enables the different flavours to be appreciated. There comes a time when the botanicals have done their job and the distiller will cut to Tails to prevent unwanted and undesirable flavours being present in the gin.


The Tails are collected as there is still useful alcohol present and these provide a useful contribution towards the next batch.


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